Jan 15

The “Applied Technologies Company” has joined the Technological Platform “Environmental Development Technologies” in the frame of technological direction “Green Production Technologies”.
The Technological Platform “Environmental Development Technologies” was approved by the State Governmental Commission on High Technology and Innovation, chaired by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. The Coordinator of the Technological Platform is All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Geographical Society”. The strategic objective of the Technological Platform is to modernize the Russian economy in the area of high-technology markets of environmental goods and services, to develop new mechanisms of waste recycling and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and to create advanced systems for environmental health monitoring and forecasting.
WWW: http://tp-eco.ru/.

Dec 11

The ATC participated in “RENEWABLE ENERGY 2011 EXHIBITION”

The “Applied Technologies Company” supported by the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC, www.istc.ru) participated in the exhibition and conference “Renewable Energy 2011” (5-7 December 2011, MAKUHARI MESSE, JAPAN). The ATC introduced its project on the development of POWER SYSTEM FOR ELECTRICITY & HYDROJEN PRODUCTION BY MARINE RESOURCES UTILIZATION. The given project is devoted to the working-out of components of the environmentally compatible power complex, comprising of an offshore wave energy converter (FWEPS) and hydrogen electrolytic producer (VELU)., based on the use of wave and aqueous resources of the World Ocean. Continue reading »

Apr 11

Director of the ATC Alexander Temeev gave a presentation at the conference HydroVision Russia (Moscow, 28-30 March 2011).

As part of its speech, Alexander reported on the topic of today’s world trends in the development of ocean wave energy conversion technologies and also informed the participants about the current stage of the ATC’ project, dedicated to the development and commercialization of the Float Wave Electric Power Station – a highly efficient, environmentally friendly marine waves energy converter into electricity. The studies demonstrate the high ability and suitability of the device to utilize wave energy, and suggest that the FWEPS is a very promising device to produce electricity. Continue reading »

Sep 08

NTV news program “Segodnya” about ATC’s project

May 18

The national winner for Russia at the ENERGY GLOBE award

The project titled “POWER SYSTEM for ELECTRICITY & HYDROJEN PRODUCTION through OCEAN RESOURCES UTILIZATION” being developed by the Applied Technologies Company Ltd has become the national winner for Russia at the ENERGY GLOBE award. The project concerns the development of environmentally friendly energy system, producing of electricity and hydrogen on the base of the World Ocean wave and aqueous resources. The main system components are Float Wave Electric Power Station – unique offshore, high efficient wave energy harnessing installation and hydrogen producer by sea water electrolysis. The techniques will meet power need for sustainable economics progress and the environment rehabilitation thus living condition improvement.

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May 18

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