One of the examples of entirely ecologically benign power-industrial system concept based on sea wave energy conversion is presented here. The considered complex made up of Float Wave Electric Power Station (FWEPS), electrolyzer, energy consumer and accumulator is just the ecologically safe power-industrial system (PIS) as if built into environment.

FWEPS is one of the promising devices for offshore wave energy conversion which is being developed. The second technique is the electrolytic installation intended for hydrogen production by means of sea water electrolysis followed by usage this ecologically safe fuel in different branches of economy.
In such a system wave energy and sea water used are recycled to the environment after power production – consumption circulation introducing no additional heat or other pollution, since in the result of hydrogen burning the steam is formed. If we take into account the efficiency of each of the elements of the working cycle, the losses and the useful work done by the consumer, so will the energy circulated in the system remain constant.