Applied Technologies Company, Ltd (ATC)

ATC was established in 1991 as organization for research, development and design, using natural sciences and engineering and focusing on radically new techniques and processes.

    Main fields of activity:

  • Development of devices in renewable energy conversion;
  • Development of Float Wave Energy Electric Power Station as a means to convert the power of sea- waves;
  • Development of methodology and devices for hydrogen production by means of sea water electrolysis.

The ATC is involved in the development of the concept of ecologically safe power-industrial systems. The ATC elaborates approaches and methodology for the efficient evaluation of power production–consumption cycle using thermodynamic, ecological and socio-economic balances.

At present, ATC is developing an unique offshore Float Wave Energy Electric Power Station as an efficient means for sea wave energy conversion which would be applicable in different geographical areas and sea conditions. The ATC is also engaged in the development of technology for the production of hydrogen using seawater electrolysis.

The research works implemented by the Applied Technologies Company in the field of FWEPS module and installation on hydrogen production development at financial support of Russian Federal Agency on a Science and Innovations, the UNESCO and the European Commission, have shown, that both technologies in terms of efficiency and ecological safety possess have high potential of application. At the same time, despite of presence at development of the obvious competitive advantages, insufficient financial opportunities of the developer do not allow while to hope for employment of an appropriate place in a corresponding segment of the power market.

Our company is interested in attraction of investments for an intensification of development and commercialization of wave energy conversion and hydrogen production technologies.