Nov 27

The “Applied Technologies Company” Ltd (“Marineco” Ltd.) participated in a two-day Russian-Chilean wave and tidal energy seminar, which was held in Moscow on 18 and 19 November 2015.
The seminar was organized by the National Committee for Economic Cooperation with Latin America (NC CEPLA) and the Embassy of the Republic of Chile, with assistance of “Skolkovo” Foundation.
The Chilean delegation was attended by the representatives of the Chilean National Center for Innovation and Development of Sustainable Energy (CIFES), the Association of the Marine Energy (ADEMAR), the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Chile and the Chilean Embassy in Moscow. The parties presented their wave energy projects, discussed the possibility of future scientific and technological cooperation and agreed to continue negotiations on joint research in the field of wave energy conversion.

Sep 09

National Energy Globe Russian Federation goes to Applied Technologies Company Ltd.
Prestigious recognition for sustainable performance.
The Energy Globe is today’s most important environmental prize with 177 participating countries and annually more than 1500 project entries. It is given in recognition of outstanding performance in terms of energy efficiency, renewable energy and resource conservation worldwide. Being presented this award is a very high recognition, for ENERGY GLOBE is an internationally recognized trade mark for sustainability.
The national Energy Globe Award Russian Federation 2015 was awarded to the project “Wave energy converter and hydrogen electrolytic producer” of Applied Technologies Company Ltd. Shortly summarized the project focuses on: This project is devoted to the working-out of components of an environmentally compatible power complex, comprising of a wave energy converter and hydrogen electrolytic producer using the power of the ocean. More about the project on!
As part of this year’s World Environment Day the project was also presented by Energy Globe as part of a global online campaign to a wide audience. The campaign ran under the patronage of UNESCO and in cooperation with UNEP and received great recognition and a large echo.
„To be honored with this award is a great recognition of our work for a better environment and motivates us to continue our endeavors in the future”
Sergey Temeev, National Energy Globe Winner Russian Federation

Oct 20

The “Applied Technologies Company” has joined the International Technology and Innovation Platform “Ocean Energy (TP Ocean). Representatives of the company became members of the working group in the technological area “Developers of Wave Energy Converters” and took part in the working meeting of TP Ocean participants in the frame of the International Conference “Ocean Energy Europe” (2-3 October, Paris, France).
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Aug 20

TV channel “Russia” tells about ATC’ projects.
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Jul 19

The national winner for Russia at the ENERGY GLOBE award 2014: The ATC Project received a prestigious ENERGY GLOBE Award 2014 in the category of a national project on Russia.


Sep 14

The “Applied Technologies Company” has completed construction of small-scaled module of Float Wave Energy Power Station (FWEPS) and started its testing.

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Oct 14

The “Applied Technologies Company” joined the Technological Platform “Advanced Technologies of Renewable Energy”. Representatives of the company became members of the following working groups – “Hydrogen Energy” and “Power of Tides, Waves and Currents.” The project on FWEPS development complies with the main strategic technological directions of the Platform development and was included into the plan of advanced research and development supported in the frame of “Advanced Technologies of Renewable Energy” Platform.
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Jul 14

The FWEPS project was highly assessed by the Expert Council of the “Skolkovo” Foundation. To promote the project in the frame of cooperation with the “Skolkovo” Foundation the Innovation Company “Marineco Ltd.” was established. The Company is the resident of the Innovation Center “Skolkovo”, “Energy” Cluster. This collaboration will allow the company to use the innovative infrastructure of the Foundation and its affiliated organizations for the development of pre-commercial FWEP installations and to enter the market.

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May 14

The project titled “Power System for Electricity and Hydrogen Production by Marine Resources Utilization” being developed by the Applied Technologies Company Ltd has become the national winner for Russia at the ENERGY GLOBE award 2012.

The project concerns the development of unique environmentally-friendly power system components based on the World Ocean wave and aqueous resources utilization: offshore Float Wave Electric Power Station (FWEPS) as an efficient means for sea wave energy conversion to electricity and technique for hydrogen and by-products production by means of direct sea water electrolysis (HyMar). The given techniques will meet power need for sustainable economics progress and the environment rehabilitation thus living condition improvement. The project is also supported by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development of in the framework of promotion innovation projects in foreign markets. Continue reading »

Feb 11

Energy can be extracted even with the float bob…

People can come up with a variety of unique ways to get electricity. To do this, now use even giant floats with special built-in generators that are capable of rocking on the waves to produce energy … Rep. Andrew Alekseenko

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