Milestones that have been already achieved

To date, a World Ocean wave energy resources evaluation has been made; physicomathematical simulation has been completed; physical modeling of small-sized models of the FWEPS prototype were carried out at laboratory bench and in a seatank; arrangement and assemblies design have been developed for the low power FWEPS pilot module.

The main units of the device are the hull, oscillatory drive, and linear electric generator. The pilot module is destined for verification, study and perfection of the principle of operation, technique feasibility, matching of assembly units as well as experimental demonstration and adjustment of elements’design.

Currrently, a pilot module is under experimental development and nearing completion stage of manufacturing.

Test results

All test results to date have demonstrated that the device is serviceable in terms of the relative motion of the capsule and internal pendulum, as well as for greater conversion of oscillatory movement to electricity.