May 14

The project titled “Power System for Electricity and Hydrogen Production by Marine Resources Utilization” being developed by the Applied Technologies Company Ltd has become the national winner for Russia at the ENERGY GLOBE award 2012.

The project concerns the development of unique environmentally-friendly power system components based on the World Ocean wave and aqueous resources utilization: offshore Float Wave Electric Power Station (FWEPS) as an efficient means for sea wave energy conversion to electricity and technique for hydrogen and by-products production by means of direct sea water electrolysis (HyMar). The given techniques will meet power need for sustainable economics progress and the environment rehabilitation thus living condition improvement. The project is also supported by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development of in the framework of promotion innovation projects in foreign markets.

The award ceremony and the presentation of a certificate of the international competition “ENERGY GLOBE” was held at the Austrian Embassy in Moscow on May 14, 2012. The ceremony was led by the Commercial Counsellor Mr. D. Fellner. The Russian side was attended by Dr. Alexander Temeev, Director of “Applied Technology Company”, Konstantin Evstyuhin, Deputy Director of Development and regulation of foreign economic activity of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, as well as representatives of the company and the Austrian Embassy.

The ENERGY GLOBE Award is one of the largest and most prestigious international competitions of projects in the field of innovative energy technologies, renewable energy, sustainable development and environmental protection, is held annually by the International ENERGY GLOBE Foundation in cooperation with the European Commission, UNIDO, UNEP.

The presentation of the national winning projects can be viewed online at June 5 at the World Environment Day.
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