May 18

The national winner for Russia at the ENERGY GLOBE award

The project titled “POWER SYSTEM for ELECTRICITY & HYDROJEN PRODUCTION through OCEAN RESOURCES UTILIZATION” being developed by the Applied Technologies Company Ltd has become the national winner for Russia at the ENERGY GLOBE award. The project concerns the development of environmentally friendly energy system, producing of electricity and hydrogen on the base of the World Ocean wave and aqueous resources. The main system components are Float Wave Electric Power Station – unique offshore, high efficient wave energy harnessing installation and hydrogen producer by sea water electrolysis. The techniques will meet power need for sustainable economics progress and the environment rehabilitation thus living condition improvement.

The ENERGY GLOBE Award has ultimately established itself as the most prominent environmental award worldwide. For excellent achievements from more than 100 nations, the national awards were presented in 2008. NATIONAL ENERGY GLOBE Awards winners from more than 70 countries were in the spotlight for their outstanding sustainable activities.

Applied Technologies Company as a winner received its ENERGY GLOBE certificates from members of the Czech government and other high ranking representatives from environmental organizations. Additional information and photos regarding the award are available at